Certified Threat Manager

Certified Threat Manager

In 2011, the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) Board of Directors determined the need for a threat assessment and management professional certification program. With threat assessment’s multi-disciplinary approach, the Board felt that it was important to offer a professional certification which allows a person to prove that he or she has the knowledge, experience and skills to perform a specific role as part of a threat assessment and management team. Professional certification provides the proof in the form of a certificate earned by passing an exam accredited by an organization or association that monitors and upholds prescribed standards for the industry.

The goal of this certification is to elevate professional standards and enhance individual performance by identifying those who strive to be the “best in the business.” These individuals not only have a solid knowledge of the core competencies tested by the examination but are also committed to remaining abreast of new trends, research and public policies thereby maintaining certification.

The Certification Committee, Subject Matter Experts, Beta Test Takers and other experts, volunteers, board leaders and staff have spent countless hours creating the Certified Threat Manager certification in a thoughtful, comprehensive, science/research-driven way. The process included: identifying core competencies, identifying KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities), writing test questions, reviewing test questions and identifying references and resources needed to study for the certification. In addition, the Certification Committee had to develop the qualification criteria, application process and the certification program’s policies and procedures. This methodical undertaking will assist ATAP in gaining approval for its Certified Threat Manager (CTM) certification from the National Association for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the highest standard for professional certification programs.

In April 2015, ATAP’s Certified Threat Manager certification program became available for candidates. Candidates must first apply for eligibility to sit for the examination, which will continually be offered at ATAP Spring Regional and Threat Management Conferences. Local chapter offerings may also be available. CTM examination dates and locations will be available on the ATAP website or request information by emailing emoore@atapworldwide.org.

For the benefit of applicants’ understanding of eligibility criteria, the following information is provided in reference to “compensated professional experience:

  • Threat assessment is defined as the use of a fact-based method of assessment/investigation that focuses on an individual's patterns of thinking and behavior to determine whether, and to what extent, he or she is moving toward an attack on an identifiable target.
  • Threat management is defined as managing a subject's behavior through interventions and strategies designed to disrupt or prevent an act of targeted violence.
  • Experiences which meets this criterion form a substantial part of the applicant's employment, rather than representing occasional incidents within a larger experience that is, overall, not Threat Assessment and Management (TAM). The Association recognizes that various job categories involve individual or occasional aspects of TAM, such as policing or clinical social work. However, it is mastery of the Body of Knowledge combined with substantial, ongoing, and robust performance of TAM, as defined on this page, that the Association seeks to measure with its certification program.

Documentation: Candidates must provide a curriculum vitae or exhaustive resume that documents such experience, and any other supporting documentation as needed to establish substantial, ongoing, and robust performance of TAM. Candidates' documentation must include an estimate of the number of TAM cases the candidate has worked on during each professional experience. Examples of supporting documentation can include that which substantiates involvement in organizational or community-based threat assessment teams, documentation about threat assessment team meetings attended, letters of verification of professional duties from employers or professional peers, or other materials which substantiate the candidate’s experience.

Exam Information


The CTM application fee will be $250 for ATAP members in good standing and $375 for nonmembers. Once approved, a CTM candidate must initially take the exam within one year. In addition:

  • Each application, to include previously approved applications, to take the CTM examination is valid for two (2) years. During that period, a candidate need not submit additional applications for retakes. After the elapse of two (2) years from date of approval, a new application must be submitted before a retake will be approved.
  • The full fee applicable to a candidate’s membership status will be due when registering for each examination attempt including retakes.
  • There is no mandatory waiting period between attempts.
  • Applications which are not approved are refundable, less $100 for processing.

This policy will apply to all CTM candidates.


In order to be eligible to sit for the CTM examination, an individual must:

  • Possess five (5) years of compensated professional experience in the field of threat assessment and management (TAM), or
  • Two (2) years of membership in good standing in ATAP as defined in the Association Bylaws and two (2) years of compensated professional experience, which may be concurrent. 

Candidates are reminded of their continuing obligation to self-reveal civil actions, criminal convictions, regulatory action, or violations of the Code of Ethics. We will continue to keep you posted throughout 2020 as we make updates to the program. This announcement will also be sent by email.


Certification Deadline Announcement - Molly Amman, Certification Committee Chair

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