Washington DC Chapter

Welcome Members and Guests

Serving professionals in the Nations Capitol, the Washington, D.C. Chapter of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals is one of the oldest chapters within ATAP. We have grown throughout the years and established strong relationships with public and private practitioners in threat assessment and management. The Washington, D.C. Chapter membership is well over sixty members and continues to grow, bringing in members from various federal agencies, local/state law enforcement, private corporations, and independent consultants. The chapter holds bi-monthly chapter meetings in throughout the demographics of the chapter. During each meeting we bring in speakers to discuss the latest trends in threat assessment, discuss past cases and research projects followed by a hosted lunch and networking session.

We welcome new members and skill sets to our chapter, please contact our Membership Chair for more information at atapdc@atapdc.com 

Chapter Board of Directors
Dorian Van Horn
Vice President
Michael Elliot
Michelle Vincent Calhoun
Jason Griffeth
Sergeant At Arms
Brian Ertzinger
Membership Chair
Michael Blackman (interim)



Upcoming Events

2019 Chapter Meeting Dates

    • January 16
    • March 21 (4 hours)
    • May 15
    • July 17

    • September 19 (4 hours)

    • November 20