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Stephanie Leite, Psy.D. 
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Brian Possi
Tali Walters

Kevin Kraft
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Bailey Colahan
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Dan Levenson


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Chapter Meeting


June 11, 2020

Danger in the Zoom Room –  with Wendy Patrick
Time: 12 pm EST
Now that our professional and social lives have both gone virtual, our threat assessment skills must also. Dangerous individuals are not just grievance collecting in their living room, or sowing discontent in the office break room, they are in your Zoom room. This program will discuss the art of reading red flags on virtual platforms, where digital clues can be enormously revealing. Unlike social media, programs like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and similar platforms are built for “live” interaction—affording an opportunity to perceive and detect personality traits, behaviors, mannerisms, and other pieces of information displayed in real-time.