Arizona Chapter

Welcome Members and Guests,

For years threat assessment practitioners and researchers from Arizona had been attending the ATAP national conference and were increasingly applying for membership through the Los Angeles Chapter. During the 2002 ATAP Conference it became apparent that this contingency from Arizona had demonstrated the level of commitment to evolve into a local chapter that would serve the needs of its growing number of members. Detective Steve Bailey, from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Threats Unit, was drafted by his peers to lead the initiative.

We continue to build upon the work of the inaugural board by seeking to foster a network capable of marshalling resources and contacts to members in need of peer consultation or expeditious resource identification. Our long-term goal is to act as a conduit in formalizing collaboration across disciplines and service providers so that the tools of education, prevention and early intervention can be accessed at any point in which a potential victim or client enters the system.

Meetings are held bi-monthly for the purpose of hosting timely and topical presentations by local and national experts in their respective disciplines and providing an opportunity for members to network and debrief incidents of local and national interest. Topics generally include assessing a range of threats, workplace violence, domestic violence, terrorism and school violence. Our membership is a balanced representation of law enforcement, legal, public and private sector organizations, mental health professionals and academicians. If you feel you can contribute to, or benefit from, our collegial professional organization please refer to our membership page to learn more about joining this dynamic group of threat assessment professionals.


Chapter Board of Directors
Jeff Gentry
Vice President
Clint Doyle, CTM
John McGrath, CTM
Adriana Weyer
Sergeant At Arms
Neil Martin
Membership Chair
Alysha Teed


Upcoming Events

March 13, 2019

May 29, 2019