TAPS ACTion Center

ATAP is the key sponsor of the Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety (TAPS) Act. The goal of the TAPS Act is to develop a national strategy to prevent targeted violence through behavioral threat assessment and management. The bill proposes that the nation not only has the capability and capacity to develop behavior threat assessment guidelines and best practices, but it is also in our citizens best interest to do so. The TAPS Act has bipartisan support. The bill was introduced in the House of Representatives by Congressman Brian Babin (R-TX) and Congresswoman Val Demings (D-FL), bill number H.R. 838. In the Senate, identical language was introduced by Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), and Thom Tillis (R-NC), bill number S. 265.

To achieve this, the TAPS Act calls for a joint behavioral threat assessment task force comprised of subject-matter experts to provide recommendations on creating and implementing a strategy against targeted violence. The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security would be responsible for implementing this strategy and for providing information and resources to any Federal, State, local, Tribal agency or private entity in the protection and public safety sector. The provision of these resources is made through grants for communities to establish behavioral-based threat assessment units. An important feature notated by the TAPS Act is that the legislation recommends a strategy, it is not establishing a national standard; using the approach is voluntary.

ATAP is encouraging its members to reach out to their Senators and members in the House of Representatives asking for their support of S. 265 or H.R. 838. The TAPS ACTion Center hosts all of the information that is needed to support efforts to identify a national collective strategy to address targeted violence at a time of increased attacked in schools, workplaces, entertainment venues and places of worship. Now is the time to act. Join your ATAP colleagues in supporting the passage of the TAPS Act.  For details on how to get involved and contact your Members of Congress, click on TAPS Legislative Action Guide.