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The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals continues to grow in membership every year, and for good reason. The membership benefits are numerous and the positive impact ATAP can have on your professional career is not something describable for all, but unique to each of our members throughout this association. If you are considering joining ATAP, here are some of the reasons why others have benefited from this association:

LOCAL CHAPTERS ATAP is an association comprised of chapters which provide local networking and educational opportunities to its membership. There are currently 14 chapters throughout the United States with more to come in the near future. Our local chapter put you in touch with professionals from various disciplines in the threat assessment field. Whether you have a simple question or a complex problem needing assistance, your ATAP colleagues are only a phone call or email away. Click here to learn more about the chapter nearest you.

PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING Those involved in the threat assessment industry know the importance of having the best and most current information available at all times. The local chapter meetings allow you to stay in contact with the professionals closest to you. Learn what other ATAP members in your area are doing, and share your experiences and successes with colleagues around you. The ability to confer with members throughout the entire association is made possible through the ATAP Listserv. This is a critical tool ensuring that you are up-to-date on the matters affecting your profession.

EDUCATION The ATAP chapter meetings, local training events, and the annual conference serve as vital educational and professional resources, offering in-depth and timely information about our industry. They provide an opportunity to obtain skills and solutions to further your success. Educational opportunities include comprehensive workshops, seminars, exciting guest speakers, and presentations on new techniques and research in the industry.

CAREER GROWTH ATAP enjoys a deep rooted reputation of professionalism. That’s because many or our members are recognized as the foremost experts in the field. The networking and training opportunities you receive through ATAP will provide a means to identify potential career opportunities and can introduce you to others in the industry. ATAP maintains a job bank on this website which offers easy access to the latest available positions. Select ATAP training functions qualify for continuing education credits applicable to various certifications.

LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES There are many opportunities within the association for motivated and qualified individuals to assume leadership roles. Board of Director positions are available to compete for both on the local and national level. They offer a unique opportunity to put your skills to use for the benefit of the entire organization, as well as your own.

RECOGNITION Take a proactive role in your association by becoming an ATAP speaker at a local chapter meeting or the national threat management conference. ATAP also welcomes articles from members for publication on the ATAP Website. Share your ideas and expertise relative to the threat assessment field with other members and distinguish yourself as an expert, leader, and innovator.

ACCESS TO INFORMATION The ATAP Web site,, provides a one-stop-shop for members to quickly find useful information of all types. For example, you can quickly find membership related information like the latest training events or meeting schedules. Or, you can search our comprehensive membership directory for a specific member within a city or profession. Our resource library will constantly be updated with “tools of the trade” to assist you in this ever-changing and complicated field.

How to Apply

  1. Read the below listed membership requirements
  2. Download the Application
  3. Print, complete and sign the application
  4. Mail the application along with the applicable fees to the National Office. Applications may also be emailed to
    • Members: Membership is appropriate for individuals, who, by the nature of their occupation provide threat assessments or violence risk assessments, conduct and publish scientific research involving threat assessments or violence risk assessments, provide legal services or legal counsel related to: the prosecution of instigators of, or representation of individuals or entities who are the victims of, threats or violence; or provide psychiatric or psychological services in conjunction with threat assessments or violence risk assessments.
    • Membership Requirements:
      1. Applicants are required to be sponsored by a member in good standing.
      2. Members are required to attend at least one (1) membership meeting of their local Chapter or any other affiliated Chapter during the calendar year (Jan. thru Dec.).
        • Attendance at the National Threat Management Conference or the Spring Regional Conference will satisfy the chapter meeting requirement for that calendar year.
        • Any applicant, who becomes a member after April 1st, has the attendance requirement for that year waived.
      3. Members must remit payment of $110 for annual dues. Dues are non-refundable.

Confidentiality: The primary mission of the ATAP is to create both a professional and academic environment that fosters an open exchange of information. Because ATAP members are from both the public and private sector, there are certain types of information, which, because of various legal and ethical requirements, members are not at liberty to share. However, it is vitally important that all information that is shared between or amongst ATAP members in written or oral form remains confidential. Members of ATAP and their guests are therefore prohibited from sharing information obtained from ATAP members with persons outside of ATAP without permission of the person disclosing the information. Members are further prohibited from using information obtained at ATAP meetings, or from other ATAP members, for their own interests without the expressed permission of the person disclosing the information.

All pre-approved visitors to a Chapter meeting shall sign a confidentiality form, which has been approved by the Association Board of Directors. The local Chapter will retain these signed forms for a period of three years.