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About ATAP

Founded in 1992 by the Los Angeles Police Department's Threat Management Unit, The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) is a non-profit organization whose objective is to learn more about how best to protect victims of stalking, harassment and threat situations. Its mission is to share and facilitate the experiences and techniques of professionals in the field of threat assessment and/or threat management. The organization serves to create both a professional and academic environment where flow of information is fostered in the following areas:

ATAP is a diverse association comprised of professionals such as law enforcement officers, prosecutors, mental health professionals, and corporate security experts. The Association affords its members a professional and educational environment for the exchange of experience and assessment/intervention techniques, which span all areas of case management. ATAP's ultimate goal is to assist our members in becoming better equipped to protect those in need and manage threatening or high-risk situations.

While these cases have been handled on a daily basis by law enforcement agencies for some time, the increase of workplace violence incidents and terrorism has created a need to combine forces with the private sector. Through the Association's case study review, perpetrator profiles have been developed, warning signs identified, and preventative measures delineated for victims and others involved in these highly volatile situations.

The benefits of the association in Los Angeles were immediately apparent and the chapter vision was expanded nationwide. Currently there are 11 chapters within the United States.


Membership in this select group will enhance professional growth and increase your networking with professionals involved in very specialized areas. The ATAP Threat Management Conference is held annually in Anaheim, California. Additionally, a number of chapter-level seminars are held throughout the year. For more information on membership in a local chapter, click here.

ATAP Members also adhere to a Code of Ethics that you can read online as a PDF.

Board of Directors

Each ATAP chapter installs a Board of Directors to serve as a governing body of that particular chapter. The Association Board of Directors oversees the operations of each chapter while promoting the Association's growth and professional status.

Chapter Meetings

Chapter meetings are held bi-monthly, with the annual Association meeting held in July or August. Meeting agendas include guest speakers, networking, introduction of new members, and identification of resources. If you would like to attend a chapter meeting in your area or desire more information, please contact our Association Headquarters.

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