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Certified Threat Manager (CTM) Policy Changes

Monday, March 2, 2020  
Posted by: ATAP
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During the course of a CTM program review, the Certification Committee has engaged in a thoughtful discussion about many aspects of the program. We would like to announce some updates to the Certification Program, specifically pertaining to eligibility and fees. Beginning on April 15, 2020:

The CTM application fee will be $250 for ATAP members in good standing and $375 for nonmembers. Once approved, a CTM candidate must initially take the exam within one year. In addition:

  • Each application, to include previously approved applications, to take the CTM examination is valid for two (2) years. During that period, a candidate need not submit additional applications for retakes. After the elapse of two (2) years from date of approval, a new application must be submitted before a retake will be approved.
  • The full fee applicable to a candidate‚Äôs membership status will be due when registering for each examination attempt including retakes.
  • There is no mandatory waiting period between attempts.
  • Applications which are not approved are refundable, less $100 for processing.

This policy will apply to all CTM candidates.

In order to be eligible to sit for the CTM examination, an individual must:

  • Possess five (5) years of compensated professional experience in the field of threat assessment and management (TAM), or 
  • Two (2) years of membership in good standing in ATAP as defined in the Association Bylaws and two (2) years of compensated professional experience, which may be concurrent. 

Applications received by or before close of business (5:00 p.m. Pacific Time) on April 14, 2020, will be processed according to the current fee structure and eligibility standards.

Candidates are reminded of their continuing obligation to self-reveal civil actions, criminal convictions, regulatory action, or violations of the Code of Ethics. We will continue to keep you posted throughout 2020 as we make updates to the program. This announcement will also be sent by email.